Overwatch seasonal events

Overwatch is an online team based first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, was released worldwide in may 2016. Usually played in matches of six against six, players choose one of more than 30 characters, divided into three roles tank, damage and support, and work with their team to attack or defend key points On the map. Each character has a unique set of weapons and skills that players use to coordinate their actions with the team to defeat the other. Patrol supports both random and place Dating, as well as a rotating collection of arcade modes, and the game has since become a popular eSport, with the participation of patrol League, which began in 2018. The game was both a critical and financial success for Blizzard, more than 30 million players and receiving over US $ 1 billion in the first year.
To maintain a constant interest in the game, Blizzard and carries out seasonal activities to coincide with world events and holidays. These events last from two to three weeks, the update levels to include elements of this theme, and to provide new game modes, along with the opportunity to buy things for credits or buy them through game loot system box. Players keep their earned character cosmetic options after the event, but the rest of the thematic elements to return to normal life.

1. Overview. (Обзор)
In the process of training patrol, Blizzard decided through the downloadable content model to prolong the game and bring after-sales receipts, since they were designed around the game mechanics allows players to switch from new characters during a match of his, as to address the current strategic environment, requiring players to buy new characters, such a model would complicate this approach. Instead, they decided to include microtransactions, gamers can buy the boxes with the production, which contains four randomized cosmetic products, including character skins, victory poses, emotions, splatter tags, highlight the introduction and player icons. This allowed them to create a system of incentives progression level, which would reward players with a box of loot for each level they have gained from the experience of the games. Working along with this, players can earn in-game coins via some loot reward box or as a consolation prize, for obtaining the duplicate loot box is a reward. These coins can be used to purchase any of the available cosmetic items, except for player icons, the cost, reflecting the rarity of obtaining the item through the window of the loot.
Starting in August 2016, Blizzard began to introduce seasonal events, starting with summer Games-an event that corresponds with the summer Olympic games 2016. The patrol Director Jeff Kaplan said that the purpose of these seasonal events to make the game "feel alive", the correlation with real events. The company has a history of creating in-game seasonal events such as Valentines Day and New years events in world of Warcraft. Other competitor games such as destiny, League of Legends and team Fortress 2, as well as to implement in-game seasonal events.
Events usually include at least one new game mode, which is usually only available to play while this event is active, the only exception is "capture the flag" mode introduced in the Chinese New year in early 2017, which was returned to the game as a permanent item in the game is a casual arcade Dating mode. Players usually are rewarded with loot boxes for the matches in these seasonal game modes, and the game offers a unique achievements, and associated cosmetic rewards for completing certain goals in them.
In addition to new game modes such seasonal events include unique cosmetic items, which can be obtained mainly in the course of the event. Blizzard is developing a large amount of content for these events, not all of which ends for the players. Initially, these items can only be obtained through event-themed loot crates that are guaranteed to contain at least one event-themed items that can be obtained either by leveling up, finishing the event game modes, or through microtransactions, however, in response to feedback from players and to avoid obvious paid access to these items, Blizzard allowed players to buy these items in-game currency at a higher price than not the object of the same rarity, starting with the second seasonal events and more. After the event, themed loot boxes and beauty products are no longer available as long as the events run again. However, the players retain and can use all unique items, events, which they earned after the event. Not all details of the event will be limited in this way, as Blizzard plans to certain events can be obtained from the usual loot box to loot in the future.
Several seasonal events such as summer Games, Halloween terror, and winter Wonderland, recurred. However, the result of these events, the team has added new changes to the event to keep them fresh and to reflect any new characters, or other content added to the game after the previous events, for example, in 2017 the Halloween "Junkensteins revenge" includes a new endless mode, and support for some new heroes. Recurring events also presents a new themed items for these recurring events, along with the return of the previous cosmetics which can be found in the case of boxes loot or buy for the least amount of coins. Not all seasonal events are designed for repetition, such as lore-heavy "uprising" event, which took place in April 2017. Kaplan said that Blizzard have plans about how these events will develop in the future.

2.1. Events 2016. Summer Games. (Летние Игры)
In August 2016, Blizzard has released its first seasonal event in celebration of the concurrent summer Olympic games 2016. Both Blizzard "Summer games" and the Olympics lasted for months. Summer games added 100 new cosmetic options of the character and a new game mode, Lucioball.
Lucioball was conceived as a futuristic soccer game in which two teams of three characters Lucio tries to push the ball to the opponents. Played in four games on special stadiums, stadium-dash-races, players use two attacks to control the balls movements: first and foremost, a melee attack and a secondary, powerful sound punch that could knock back opponents also often referred to as "BIP" players. Players can also use the levels of ecological benefits, such as jumps and speed boosting wall to provide a strategic advantage on the field. PC gamer believes that the regime felt closer to "multiplayer games carnival than a full-blooded, standalone mode".

2.2. Events 2016. Halloween Terror. (Хэллоуин Террор)
Blizzard released its second seasonal event for Halloween, which lasted during the month of October 2016. It includes over 100 new cosmetic items in the Jack-o-lantern-themed loot boxes and games the first game mode against the computer players, Junkensteins revenge. Some characters have new Halloween-themed cosmetic skins. PC gamer wrote that they were among the games Best additions, and killing seemed to be new skins of characters was much more enjoyable than those offered for the summer Games. Players can now purchase a seasonal add-ons With in-game credits for a premium, in response to criticism Blizzard received from players during summer Games.
In Junkensteins revenge, four players work together to protect the lock from oncoming waves of enemies and bosses. Set in the theme games section Eichenwalde map, players can choose the difficulty level and choose between characters Ana, Hanzo, McCrea, and 76 Soldiers, before fighting off the approaching brainless "zomnic" drones of distant radius of action "zombardiers," exploding tires, and costumed versions of the characters in Reaper, Roadhog, Symmetra, mercy, and Junkrat as the titular Dr. Junkenstein. Mode of the game includes new voice work and is based on the comic strip companion book released at the same time.
The new regime was generally appreciated by the commentators. PC gamer wrote that the event resembled a similar event for team-based shooter Team Fortress 2 In 2012. Although the reviewer found Junkenstein regime, he wrote, that in comparison with team Fortress 2 Mann vs. machine mode, Junkenstein considered "empty" and similar Lucioball in its simplistic flow map, giving little room for player movement. He also wondered why the regime was limited to four special characters. To by Eurogamer with Robert found a fun event, and finds it a good distraction from the main monitoring mode, and also recognized that if he remained after the terror of Halloween event, it will be a stale game mode. Heather Alexander for Kotaku believes that the regime showed that a co-operative player-versus-environment mode are quite suitable as a permanent element in the patrol, as it requires good coordination of the team to perform more complex games.
The event ended several hours earlier than planned, leaving some players frustrated as they wait as long as possible, collecting themed loot boxes in the game before trying to spend in-game coins or purchase loot boxes to get the items they were missing.

2.3. Events 2016. Winter Wonderland. (Зимнюю Сказку)
Holiday-themed winter Wonderland event ran for the second half of December 2016 through the first days of the New year. As with previous events, he added more than 100 themed cosmetic items for players to get through the boxes loot or in-game currency, and if the snow version of the two card games. One cosmetic product, included the first legendary skin for Mei since the release of the game, and a Santa-like outfit, with this leather-appointed, also changed the appearance of the Mace cryo-freeze from a simple block of ice to frozen snowman. Players criticized the skin, feeling that he has not changed much since Mace normal outfits and seemed to be a simple recolor of the default skin compared to the other characters of the legendary skins were. Blizzard acknowledged that their "cool meter is off", when they were designing this skin, believing that the players will be released on cryo-freeze effect as the basis for the cost of the skin. Blizzard stated that they had plans for the other may legendary skin, along the lines of what players will expect in early 2017.
The event featured new Deathmatch mode called "Meis offending snowball." Mode occurred during the small Ecopoint: Antarctica map, introduced in the previous months for standard Deathmatch play. Six players each may play, but where is it endothermic Blaster, which usually causes a flow of cold damage, can only shoot one snowball. Players have to find a bunch of snow scattered across the map to reload. Further, her ultimate ability allows her to fire a machine gun-like line of the snow for a short time. Otherwise, Mace other abilities the ice Wall and Kiro-freeze remain the same. One snowball hit kills hit until the round is over. The company claims that this mode was generally not well received by the players as an act to recharge the Blaster gave too vulnerable, and with a permanent death mechanic in the game mode was not fun and captured the spirit of the snow.

3.1. 2017 event. The Year Of The Rooster. (Год Петуха)
Chinese New year-themed event launched a few days before the actual holiday on January 28, 2017, and is focused on celebrating the year of the Rooster. As in past events, the Chinese New year introduced more than 100 new cosmetic items, including the promised new legendary skin for Mei to compensate for the poorly-received one she got during the winter Wonderland competition. Other skins for Roadhog, Rinehart, Winston and Zenyatta referred to the Chinese novel "Journey to the West".
The event introduced the first capture the flag mode for patrol called "Capture the rooster", the Blizzard was looking to add this mode for several years during the patrol the development, but had difficulty with the mechanics for a completely different set of abilities, proposed characters that could unbalance the regime to the fast moving characters. Played Lijiang Tower map, usually used for the control mode, each team has a flag near their base. To capture the other flag opponents, the character must stay near the flag and not taking damage for a few seconds. Once they have captured the flag they must return it to your base, scoring a point if they do so. If they die, bringing a flag back, or the partner can try to capture it, or the opposing team must be near the flag, avoiding damage for a few seconds to return it to their base. Teams can score on the opposite team flag, even if their team flag was adopted. The first team to three points or the team with the most points after five minutes wins the match.
Following the event, Blizzard introduced a more General capture-the-flag mode can be played on any control card, arcade modes, and also makes it an option for custom games with a few adjustable parameters.

3.2. 2017 event. Patrol Files: The Uprising. (Патруль Файлов: Восстание)
The revolt ran for most of the month of April 2017 and was the first seasonal event is not tied to any real events, but instead is used to expand knowledge of the patrol. The story centers around one of the last official observer missions team before they were disbanded - in order to end the threat of hostile Omnic force, known as sector zero in the attack on the citizens of London, who also happened to be the tracers of the first mission. More than 100 new cosmetic items added with this event, many of which are based on the uniforms and the background of the original patrol forces. Digital comic retelling of this story was released together with the event. According to Kaplan, the event of the uprising was something Blizzard felt was offered to players as they began to offer seasonal events. Players asked for a holiday-themed event, and asked to provide more detailed information about the creation and history of the patrol world.
Events added new co-op player vs. environment mode called "Uprising", played the kings of cards in a row in London. In standard mode, you can play one of four difficulty levels, four players choose characters from the tracer, Reinhardt, torbjørn, and mercy. From there, players are guided by in-game narrative to take a few control points, fighting against waves of zero Omnics sector who are trying to stop them. In the end, they must be accompanied by explosive weapons to the sealed door, to open the heart zero object sector and end their threat. If the player was shot down, the other still-living players could help them in interacting with that character for a few minutes or Mercys through the resurrection. If all four players hit, or explosives destroyed before reaching the closed door, the round ends as a loss. A separate mode allows players to complete the mission without being limited in character, but without any character dialogue, Blizzard added based on feedback from Junkensteins revenge, to provide a less restrictive way to enjoy the game.
The mode of the uprising were considered much improved version of player-versus-environment mode compared to Junkensteins Revenge from Halloween. Cecilia DAnastasio for Kotaku felt the regime was much more dynamic as it requires the movement of the players across the map and not stay in one place, and the four default symbol represent a balanced team mode requires a more thorough teamwork and strategy. DAnastasio says that a new phone line to support the regime he helped to install the game knowledge for players. PC gamer claimed that the events have demonstrated the potential in a strong team based on the story campaign, developed under the patrol of the narrative.
The event was mistakenly ended a few hours earlier than expected, may 1, 2017, Blizzard apologized and extended the event for another day on may 2 to allow players to complete the acquisition and the acquisition of event loot boxes and covers.
The event was called "uprising" in its release, Blizzard said in 2018, they think it is the first "archive monitoring" annual event, which will be used to explore story characters and narration.

3.3. 2017 event. Anniversary. (Юбилей)
The event ran from the end of may 2017, is marked patrol from the first year from the date of issue. Gameplay-wise, it has added three new Arena maps, used for small qualifying games, and that will remain in the rotation after the event. To eliminate the regime also took two. In one-on-one "duel society" games, each player is presented with the same choice of three random heroes to play in this round. Three-on-three "lockout liquidation", the characters used by the winning team for round locked for the next round.
In addition, more than hundreds of new cosmetic items, including new dance emotes for each of the characters. Dance emotions were found to cause the links to popularize dance moves in other works, such as Mace dance being similar to "hare Yukai" dance is used in the closing credits to the anime the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

3.4. 2017 event. Summer Games 2017. (Летним Играм 2017)
The second summer games event was held from 8 to August 29, 2017. This event was returned "3 vs 3" soccer-like mode, Lucioball, starting with the first games add more items to the event to be reproduced, but removing the ability to "Boop" other players. In addition to casual Dating for Lucioball, Blizzard also introduced a system of rating games for Lucioball, separate from the normal game competitive mode. By participating in this "mode Lucioball Copa", players earned tender points CP, the same in-game currency earned from matches and used to purchase special skins for the weapons, like Golden weapons.
Previous skins and other cosmetic items from the first Summer Games were again available in loot boxes or bought in-game coins at a lower cost, while an additional summer Games, skins, purchased at their regular price.

3.5. 2017 event. Halloween Terror 2017. (Хэллоуин Террор 2017)
Halloween terror 2017 event to be held from October 10 to November 2, 2017. The event was attended back, "Junkensteins revenge" for previous years of the event, but added an infinite mode option, which challenges players to protect doors, through as many waves as possible. In this mode, players could have four extra characters to choose from, Genji, torbjørn, widow-maker, and he, in addition to McCrea, Soldier 76, the Ana, and Hanzo. Team with longer length was traced with the help of the online scoreboard.
New skins and cosmetic items added to the event, along with details from the previous Halloween terror. With the exception of the victory headstone is introduced in the previous case, all this can be obtained from loot boxes or in-game purchases of coins. Blizzard has decided to remove victory headstone is stolen from the rewards box, as they believed that these do not fit in with the personalities of the characters, but still allowed players to purchase them in the game.

3.6. 2017 event. Winters Tale, 2017. (Зимняя сказка 2017)
Winter-oriented "Winters tale 2017" event, held on 12 December 2017 to 1 January 2018. He brought in previous years "winter Wonderland" of content, including "MEI snowball attack" mode and the previous items, together with new skins and other cosmetics. Also added a new arcade mode, "Yeti hunter". In this asymmetric mode, five players, each playing as Mei, trying to defeat one player, who owns Winston acting like a Yeti in a Boss battle on stage, the village Nepals. Bigfoot hunt-the first mode is patrol, to use role selection, players can indicate their preference to play as may or as Bigfoot. Winston, the player must escape from a team of MEI, which can freeze it and use ice wall to impede his movement, or to catch it in a trap a trap that replaces the normal Maps end. After collecting the four pieces of the meat that spawn randomly in preset locations around the map, Winston unleashes his ultimate ability for a short time, which temporarily increases health, reduces the cooldown of the jump and gives him a powerful melee attack. When a player may die, they will respawn after a short delay, and cost his team life. The match ended after team MEI or defeats Winston or losing all five of their lives. Kaplan described the Yeti to hunt as light-hearted mode to play a few matches, not hundreds of hours.

4. Event 2018. (Событие 2018)
Summer Games 2018. (Летние Игры 2018)
The third summer games event ran from August 9-30, 2018. The event Lucioball returns with a new map of the stadium on the basis of Busan, South Korea.

4.1. Event 2018. The Year Of The Dog. (Год Собаки)
Chinese New year event was repeated from 8 February to 5 March 2018, now reflecting the year of the Dog. New items related to the topic were issued, in addition to the existing cosmetics from previous events. New map, "Ayutthaya", Thailand is inspired by and specifically designed for capture the flag, were presented in this event. In addition, the new rules of Capture the flag for all modes has been updated, replacing the potential in them as draws, and plays a decisive round with the flags of the teams starting closer to each other with each subsequent round. The changes also eliminated the short period before the player can pick up the flag, now able to raise the flag instantly, but any use of symbols active skills or unique abilities that provide mobility and survivability wanted to get them to drop the flag, and the flag cannot be picked up in a few minutes. These changes make the game feel "is much more offensive, and far more futuristic". In addition, the competitive mode to capture the flag, following a similar format as in the competitive mode Lucioball in 2017 summer Games event was launched during the event, rewarding players with low points and unique items for events embed.
During the event, Blizzard posted his first "puppy Roar", on the model of a puppy, on 19 February 2018, with the participation of puppies dressed in Overwatch character-the girl in mock events. All the animals during the event were put up for adoption through events co-sponsored day, and promoting animal adoption through other local adoption agencies.

4.2. Event 2018. Patrol Files: Retribution. (Патруль Файлов: Возмездие)
Archive of events of the observation for the previous year came back, and ran from 10 April 2018. He returned to the scene player-versus-environment mode introduced in uprising. It also features a new mode called "Nemesis", which will be held on a new map, the Rialto, which came into the game map rotation as the map payload outside the events of retaliation, on may 3, 2018. It was four-player co-op mode, based on the characters, Reaper, McCrea, Moira, and Genji, as they escape from the claws of forces, in addition, this mode also includes all the Hero mode where players can choose any of the available characters. New skins and cosmetics in boxes of loot during this time. A new event of retaliation was intended to provide a more playable experience compared to the previous event, uprising. This included exception points to reduce user interface elements and instead allow players, of course, to figure out how to progress in the mission. They also include "special", unique enemies with special abilities to be an immediate threat to players, not just waves of enemies, and enters the enemys artificial intelligence system to respond better to players, including the hero mode. A large part of the ideas of this regime was based on concepts from left 4 Dead games.

4.3. Event 2018. Anniversary 2018. (Юбилей 2018)
Second anniversary of the events lasted from 22 may to 11 June 2018. Also new items, events included a limited time for competitive Deathmatch mode exclusive map, Peter. In addition to the previous anniversary cosmetic products, all anniversary loot boxes included cosmetic products from all previous seasonal events, and they are also available for purchase for in-game gold.

4.4. Event 2018. Halloween Terror 2018. (Хэллоуин Террор 2018)
Iteration 2018 Halloween terror lasted from October 10-31 2018. Mode doctor Junkensteins revenge was updated to include changes made during the previous year, such as changes to the Symmetra. Player vs environment, the card remains virtually unchanged, with 2 modes and 4 difficulties of the last years event. Brigitte and tracer were made playable for the game mode.

4.5. Event 2018. Winter Wonderland 2018. (Зимнюю Сказку 2018)
Version 2018 "winter Wonderland" ran from 11 December 2018, through January 2, 2019. In addition to the previous one side of the map jamochnogo fields and Hanamura, Blizzard world also received a festive reskin.

5.1. Event 2019. ANAS Bastet Challenge. (Анас Бастет вызов)
The second mini-event, ANAS Bastet call took place about two weeks in January 2019, after the publication of the story "Bastet", focusing the Ana and soldiers:76T past lives. The story was written by Michael Chu with illustrations by Arnold Tsang. During these weeks, players can earn skins and other cosmetics linked to "Bastet" the history of playing and winning a few matches in any game mode and watch the selected streams to Twitch for a few hours. The visible face of the "lady" created history that Soldiers 76 is a symbol of LBGTQ, with previous homosexual relationship with another man, making it the second character after the Tracer must be confirmed as LBGTQ.

5.2. Event 2019. The year of the Pig lunar 2019. (Год Свиньи лунный 2019)
Year of the pig event, celebrating the Chinese New year, ran from January 24 to February 18, 2019. New skins of characters represented in the event included some links to several Asian historical and fictional personalities, including Lu BU, Guan Yu, Huang Zhong Zhang FEI, and Zhuge Liang from romance of the three kingdoms, Hong Gildong from Chong Hong Gildong, the Korean naval commander Yi sun-Sin And salt Korean lion dance. With the skins came low iteration mode CTF.

5.3. Event 2019. Patrol Files: Storm Rising. (Патруль Файлов: Шторм Растет)
Storm rising ran from 16 April to 6 may 2019. He has introduced a new four-player co-op mode similar to the past archive of events, players as the tracer, Genji, Winston, and mercy watching Omnic Maximilian, who tries to escape during a storm, taking refuge in Cuba. In addition to this mode, 160 new cosmetics were added to the game. Map of Havana was added to the game in General, the regular map rotation as the map loads in AV during the event.

5.4. Event 2019. Anniversary 2019. (Юбилей 2019)
The third anniversary event took place from 21 may to 10 June 2019. The event brought back all the game modes from previous events, along with new cosmetic items. "Master class," script-based system for users to create their own games, also launched together with the anniversary event for all users after testing on PTR, with a few more successful users of game modes brought to the gallery for everyone to play.

5.5. Event 2019. Baptistes Reunion Challenge. (Baptistes Реюньон Вызов)
Similar to Nan Bastet call, Blizzard held a two-week mini-events surrounding the publication of the story "what you left behind" in the middle of June 2019. The story was written by Alice Wong and illustrated by Arnold Tsang. As with Ana, the challenge, players can earn cosmetic items relevant to the story on the basis of matches won in all modes and places to watch twitch streams.

5.6. Event 2019. Summer Games 2019. (Летних Игр 2019)
The fourth summer Olympics events held from July 16 to August 5, 2019. In addition to the return Lucioball and the usual seasonal things, participated in three weekly challenges to earn skins for the Reaper, MEI, and Reinhardt.

5.7. Event 2019. Bastions Brick Challenge. (Бастионы Кирпич Задача)
Bastions brick problem similar to the problems ANA and Baptiste, were two weeks in September 2019, which gave players the opportunity to earn cosmetic items for games and viewing of selected streams to twitch. Cosmetics based on the cooperation of the patrol with LEGO, who have released several sets based on patrol characters.

5.8. Event 2019. Halloween Terror 2019. (Хэллоуин Террор 2019)
The annual Halloween event was held from October 15 to November 4, 2019. In addition to the return of the revenge Junkensteins activity in the event of an additional Halloween-themed cosmetics, and include such weekly challenges from other recent seasonal events to win 9 games, in most game modes to earn unique cosmetics for Junkrat, Batiste, and Sombra.

5.9. Event 2019. Mercys Recall Challenge. (Mercys Напомним Вызов)
Mercys Recall, the challenge was launched in November 2019, players can win unique cosmetics on the basis of mercy the story of "Valkyrie" published at the same time.

5.10. Event 2019. Winter Wonderland 2019. (Зимнюю Сказку 2019)
Walking in a Winter Wonderland event for 2019 ran from 10 December 2019 2 January 2020, a new holiday-themed skins and the return of the Mace events, the snow challenge and Yeti hunter.

6. Two thousand twenty. (Две тысячи двадцать) The year of the Rat Lunar New 2020. (Год Крысы Лунный Новый 2020)
Lunar New year of the rat, ran from 16 January to 5 February 2020. The new mode "capture the flag blitz" was introduced, based on the current capture the flag mode, but since the flag targets closer to the center of the map, to make for faster rounds, and then, requiring the team to win more rounds to take the match.

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