Cutbank Formation

Ellerslie Member is replaced by the Sunburst Member, Taber Sandstone, and Cutbank Sandstone. Lexicon of Canadian Geologic Units. Mannville Group Retrieved
Canada Cutbank River, tributary of the Smoky River in western Alberta, Canada Cutbank Sandstone, member of the Lower Mannville geologic formation in southern
2598 m by H.L. Halbertsma in 1959. Kiskatinaw means cutbank in Cree. The Kiskatinaw Formation is composed mostly of quartz sandstone at the base, and
from the Cadomin Formation in the Deep Basin area of western Alberta in the Hinton - Grande Cache - Grande Prairie area, and in the Cutbank area in northeastern
Kiskatinaw Cree for cutbank or river with steep banks is a tributary of the Peace River in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. Bearhole Lake
composed of two alternating bar units, each with a pool scoured out from a cutbank an aggradational lobe or point bar, and a riffle that connects the pool
9 billion for a 40 interest in the Cutbank Ridge Partnership with Encana, which involves 409, 000 net acres of Montney Formation natural gas lands in northeast
River were also blocked by the Shelby lobe, leading to the formation of glacial lakes Cutbank and Choteau. The Loma sublobe blocked the Missouri north of

wall of a river or stream. A cutbank is also known either as a river - cut cliff, river cliff, or a bluff and spelled as cutbank Erosion that forms a cut
bluff that was the cutbank on the east side of the Red River. It exposed the top of the Cockfield Formation the Moodys Branch Formation and Tullos Member
1998: 77 Most of these points have been found out of context, on the cutbank but some have been found in situ from 2.1 to 2.8 meters below the surface
accumulation of reef materials reef flats in intertropical regions. The formation of a marine terrace follows this general process: A wave cut platform
hostiles on Silver Creek, and drove the Indians out of it and on to a cutbank made by the creek, which had been prepared for defense. The action lasted
fossil hunter Charles Hazelius Sternberg and his three sons in the Lance Formation Although Sternberg was working under contract to the British Museum of
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