ⓘ Second White Specks ..


ⓘ Second White Specks

  • includes the following sandstone members: Phillips Sandstone below the Second White Speckled Shale Bowdoin Sandstone and Cardium Sandstone in the non - calcareous
  • Richard Benjamin Speck December 6, 1941 December 5, 1991 was an American mass murderer who systematically tortured, raped, and murdered eight student
  • Costa of forewings have white specks on towards apex. A more or less developed sinuous submarginal black and white specks series present. Hindwings
  • internal grain specks are produced. The first development will destroy the tendency to produce internal grain specks so that after the second exposure also
  • The color is often interspersed as specks or spots on a white background. In addition, the hooves are usually white but may have striping if there is
  • white with a large undefined blotch of ochreous orange suffusion occupying the lower part of the disc posteriorly, with some scattered black specks within
  • suffused with dark fuscous, and marked with three or four white specks Several white specks are found along the termen. The hindwings are grey, thinly
  • posterior third white Abdomen whitish. Forewings very narrow, moderately pointed, acute white with some minute scattered fuscous specks a costal dot
  • ochreous, tinged here and there with brownish, with some scattered blackish specks and with a blackish - grey spot on the base of the costa, its edge marked
  • disc at one - third and two - thirds, the second connected with third the costal spot. There are a few blackish specks around the apical margin. The hindwings
  • 22 mm. The forewings are pale whitish ochreous, with some scattered fuscous specks and a dark fuscous dot near the base in the middle. The discal stigmata
  • pasta - shaped puffed snacks discontinued Star Spangled Doodles puffed white cheddar with specks of red and blue discontinued Croc - o - Doodles crocodile - shaped
  • Mechanics are always going to provide inherent little flaws and tiny little specks and hisses that will add to the idea of something beautiful, something romantic
  • scattered black specks The first discal stigma is rather large, black, surrounded with clearer white suffusion, the plical and second discal usually only
  • The forewings are white with scattered grey specks and with the markings light yellowish - grey, sprinkled with dark fuscous specks and with an oblique
  • between and above the first and second discal, the second discal followed by a white spot containing two black specks The posterior half of the costa
  • edges on the medial area. A white speck found in the cell. Postmedial line is straighter with some white marginal specks Hindwings whitish with apical
  • with fuscous six nearly direct white fasciae edged with minute dark fuscous specks first narrow, almost basal, second narrow, third moderate, beyond
  • mother of Ginger Rogers. Sarah Padden as Aggie Specks Otis Harlan as Henry Jones Gloria Shea as April Specks Moorehouse Larry Kent as George Robinson Edmund
  • The White Mountains are a mountain range covering about a quarter of the state of New Hampshire and a small portion of western Maine in the United States
  • specks present. Ventral side is pale ochreous with prominent cell - spots. Outer area fuscous with the margin paler. Larva bright green with pure white
  • Guinea. The wingspan is 15 16 mm. The forewings are white with some scattered dark grey specks and irregular dots or small spots of black irroration
  • forewings are bronzy - fuscous with a broad white costal streak from the base to five - sixths, thinly strewn with black specks the costal edge suffusedly fuscous - tinged
  • wingspan is about 8 mm. The forewings are white faintly irrorated greyish, with some minute scattered black specks The costal edge is black at the base

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