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ⓘ Harmon Member

  • Paddy Member present only in the Peace River Country in northern Alberta south of Clear Hills, while the Cadotte Member and the Harmon Member occur in
  • Thomas Mark Harmon born September 2, 1951 is an American television and film actor. He has appeared in a wide variety of roles since the early 1970s
  • Daniel James Harmon born January 3, 1973 is an American writer, producer, and actor. Harmon created and produced the NBC sitcom Community, co - created
  • twenty - one member countries and again from 1946 - 1948 to honor Americans who contributed to aviation. The award was established in 1926 by Clifford B. Harmon a
  • Millard Fillmore Harmon Jr. January 19, 1888 February 26, 1945 was a lieutenant general in the United States Army Air Forces during the Pacific campaign
  • Claude Harmon Sr. July 14, 1916 July 23, 1989 was an American professional golfer and golf instructor. Born in Savannah, Georgia, Harmon spent much
  • James A. Harmon born October 12, 1935 in New York City, New York is an American fund manager founder, chairman and chief investment officer of Caravel
  • Academy in 1915, as a member of The class the stars fell on named so due to the number of graduates who became generals. Harmon s first assignment was
  • Randall S. Front Porch Harmon July 19, 1903 August 18, 1982 was a U.S. Representative from Indiana. Harmon was born in North Vernon, Indiana and
  • Elise Frances Harmon nee Harmon 3 September 1909 in Mount Enterprise, Texas 6 March 1985 in Santa Clara County, California was an American physicist
  • Wayne Albee. In 1903 Harmon took up residence in Banff, Alberta and started a photography business there. He was a charter member of and the official photographer
  • Croton - Harmon High School CHHS is a secondary school located in the village of Croton - on - Hudson, New York, United States. It is administered by the Croton - Harmon
  • Robert Emmett Red Bob Harmon 1882 1959 was an American football, basketball, and baseball coach. He served as the head football coach at Illinois
  • Harmon Clayton Killebrew, Jr. ˈkɪlɪbruː June 29, 1936  May 17, 2011 nicknamed The Killer and Hammerin Harmon was an American professional baseball
  • distinguished Liberian member of the World Scout Committee Ernest N. Harmon 1894 1979 World War II United States Army general Glen Harmon 1921 2007 Canadian
  • Patrick Harmon was a 50 - year - old American man fatally shot from behind by police officer Clinton Fox in Salt Lake City, Utah, on August 13, 2017. The shooting
  • Judson Harmon February 3, 1846  February 22, 1927 was a Democratic politician from Ohio. He served as United States Attorney General under President
  • Bailey Harmon July 14, 1892 June 8, 1993 was a bishop of The Methodist Church and the United Methodist Church, elected in 1956. Nolan Bailey Harmon was
  • Harmon Valley is an unincorporated community in northern Alberta, Canada. The community was named for Daniel Harmon a fur trader. The Harmon Valley Fair
  • Harmon Percival Marble born November 5, 1870 February 3, 1945 was an American journalist and politician. He was the mayor of Las Vegas from 1938 to
  • Major General Ernest Nason Harmon February 26, 1894 November 13, 1979 was a senior officer of the United States Army. He served in both World War I

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