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ⓘ Notikewin Member

  • member Elmworth Field, Alberta Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 68 8 Lexicon of Canadian Geologic Units. Notikewin
  • Notikewin Notikewin is a hamlet in northern Alberta, Canada within the County of Northern Lights. It is located along the Mackenzie Highway Highway 35
  • settlement of Notikewin and is lent to the Notikewin Member a stratigraphical unit of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. The Notikewin River originates
  • river, downstream from the Smoky River confluence to the mouth of the Notikewin River by McConnell in 1893. The Peace River Formation consists of greywacke
  • Formation middle Albian Notikewin Member - fine to medium grained argillaceous sandstone, dark shale, ironstone Falher Member - greywacke, shale, siltstone
  • Valley Electric Railway built in 1917 - 19. It was named after George Hoadley Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta from 1909 - 1930. List of communities
  • 93 mi north of Highway 14. The lake was renamed in 1884 for Tom Hastings, a member of Tyrell s geological survey party. The original name was Kawtikh, which
  • Sam s Saloon after one of the previous owners who had been a respected member of the community. The brazen men then got talking about sprucing up the
  • The building is also home to the Brownfield Public Library, which is a member of the Parkland Regional Library System. Located in Brownfield is the Brownfield
  • as is the out - flowing Cadotte River, which lends its name to the Cadotte Member of the Peace River Formation, a stratigraphical unit of the Western Canadian
  • after the temporary stay in the community of Albert Monkman, an important member of the 1885 Metis Provisional Government headed by Louis Riel and, before
  • Day 1906, along with their granddaughter, Edith. More Norstrom family members relocated to the Westerose, Alberta area in the next few years. The Norstrom
  • riding of Bow River. The hamlet is represented in federal government by Member of Parliament Martin Shields and in municipal government by Councillor Rolly
  • a state of crisis National Post, 5 April 2008 Former Hobbema gang member hopes to make difference CBC News. May 15, 2008. Gunfire rings through
  • nature lovers to artists. Notable artists A. Y. Jackson and H. G. Glyde, members of the Group of Seven, spent a summer in 1944 painting in the area. Over
  • closed permanently in 1968. During those 68 years, three Leavitt family members acted as postmaster. The founder of Leavitt, former sheriff Tom Leavitt
  • La Biche was looted on April 26, 1885 during the Northwest Rebellion by members of Big Bear s band. Their plan to loot the nearby Roman Catholic Mission
  • Development. Local administration is exercised by Band councils whose members are elected by members of the reserve. BC AB SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL YT NT NU List
  • Nightingale Nisku Niton Junction Nordegg North Cooking Lake North Star Notikewin Ohaton Opal Orion Orton Parkland Patricia Peers Pelican Point Peoria Perryvale

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