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List of bumblebee species

The list presented here is derived from a checklist of world bumblebees and used in the most recent Bombus phylogeny. Species are grouped by subgenus following the most recent revision. For some common names see BugGuide.

List of Campsicnemus species

Unrecognised species: Campsicnemus lucidus Becker, 1924 c g Campsicnemus cupreus Macquart, 1839 Campsicnemus rufinus Frey, 1925 c g Campsicnemus halidayi Dyte, 1975 c g Species considered nomina nuda: Campsicnemus limosus Vaillant, 1978 Data sour ...

List of Cantharis species

This is a list of 95 species in Cantharis, a genus of soldier beetles in the family Cantharidae. Data sources: i = ITIS, c = Catalogue of Life, g = GBIF, b = Bugguide.net, f = Fauna Europaea

List of Chrysotus species

Unrecognised species: Chrysotus concinnarius Say, 1829 Chrysotus chinensis Wiedemann, 1830 Chrysotus rufipes Meigen, 1838 Chrysotus nubilus Say, 1829 Chrysotus incertus Walker, 1849 Chrysotus viridifemora Macquart, 1850 Chrysotus deremptus Walker ...

List of Cicindela species

Cicindela, a genus of tiger beetles, contains the following species: Cicindela altaica Eschscholtz, 1829 Cicindela amargosae Dahl, 1939 Cicindela angulicollis W. Horn, 1900 Cicindela aberrans Fairmaire, 1871 Cicindela abdominalis Fabricius, 1801 ...

List of Culex species

This is a list of described Culex species around the world, as of 2006. Subspecies have been omitted. There are possibly errors and inaccuracies in this list that stem from the conversion from the source. Please check the original source when in ...

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