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Lot and His Daughters (Orazio Gentileschi)

Lot and His Daughters may refer to one of a number of paintings by Orazio Gentileschi: Lot and His Daughters Orazio Gentileschi, Bilbao Lot and His Daughters Orazio Gentileschi, Ottawa Lot and His Daughters Orazio Gentileschi, Los Angeles Lot and ...

Radium Mine

Radium Mine is a painting made by Canadian artist A.Y. Jackson when he visited the mine-site of the isolated Radium mine at Port Radium, Northwest Territories, in 1938. Jackson was a friend of prospector Gilbert LaBine, then the mine manager, and ...

Dunston Pillar

Dunston Pillar is a Grade II listed stone tower in Lincolnshire, England and a former land lighthouse. It stands beside the A15 road approximately 6 miles south of Lincoln near the junction of the B1178, in the parish of Dunston, north of Sleaford.

Cathedral of Dormition of St. Mary (Berat)

The Dormition Cathedral is an Albanian Orthodox church in the Berat Castle in Berat, Albania, dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos. It is a Cultural Monument of Albania since 1948. Since 1986, the Onufri Museum of Icons is located in the c ...

Holy Trinity Church, Lavdar i Oparit

The Holy Trinity Church is a church in Lavdar i Oparit, Korçe County, Albania. It is a Cultural Monument of Albania.

Holy Resurrection Church, Mborje

The Holy Resurrection Church is a Cultural Monument of Albania, located in Mborje, Korçe County. The church is dedicated to Saint Mary.

St. Demetrius Church, Poliçan

St. Demetrius Church is a church in Poliçan, Berat County, Albania. It became a Cultural Monument of Albania in 1977.

St. Marys Monastery Church, Lubonje

St. Marys Monastery Church is a monastery church in Lubonje, Korçe County, Albania. It is a Cultural Monument of Albania.

St. Michaels Church, Menshat

St. Michaels Church is a ruined church in Menshat, Lezhe District, Albania. It is a Cultural Monument of Albania.

Telelka Mosque

The Telelka Mosque or Ibrahim Pasha Mosque is a historic Ottoman mosque in Berat, Albania. It is a national Cultural Monument of Albania. During the communist dictatorship of Enver Hoxha, the minaret of the Ibrahim Pasha mosque got destroyed and ...

List of National Monuments of Chile in Aysen Region

Notes: "SM" stands for "Santuario de la Naturaleza" Nature Sanctuary; "MH" for "Monumento Historico" Historic Monument; and "ZT" for "Zona Tipica" Typical/Picturesque Zone.

Besant Nagar

Besant Nagar is an upscale, exclusive residential neighborhood in South Chennai, India. It is located along the coast of Bay of Bengal. This part of Chennai is inhabited by many famous personalities and highly affluent citizens. The neighborhood ...

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