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XRS Corporation

XRS Corporation provided on-demand software and services to the trucking industry. Based in Eden Prairie, Minn., XRS’s software solutions and services delivered data on vehicle and driver performance. Fleet managers, dispatchers and drivers colle ...

B32 Business Basic

B32 Business Basic was a competitor to Data General Business Basic written by Murray Haszard in 1986. It ran on the Data General Eclipse MV line of computers initially, and was ported to Unix in 1989 and to DOS in 1991. B32 Software was the compa ...

Data General Business Basic

Data General Business Basic was a BASIC interpreter developed by Data General for their Nova minicomputer in the 1970s, and later ported to the Data General Eclipse MV and AViiON computers. Most business applications for the Nova were developed i ...

Datacube Inc.

Datacube Inc. was an image processing company that developed real-time hardware and software products for the industrial, medical, military and scientific markets.

Markham & Co.

The Victoria Foundry near Chesterfield, Derbyshire was owned and run by William Oliver and his father John Oliver from the mid-1850s until 1862 when, following the death of the father, it became the sole property of William. The Victoria Foundry, ...

Northcoast PCS

Northcoast PCS was an Independence, Ohio-based prepaid mobile phone operator owned by Cleveland Unlimited, LLC. It offered no-contract unlimited local calling for a fixed monthly price similar to Cricket Communications in Cleveland. It offered un ...

Pocket Communications

Pocket Communications was a PCS CDMA 1xRTT and, EVDO provider of unlimited cellular phone service based in San Antonio, Texas, United States. It offered service plans similar to those of Cricket Communications and MetroPCS which mostly consist of ...

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