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List of NFTA Metro bus routes

2 All weekend and holiday service originate out of Frontier 1 Originating Garage-Terminal routes are based at one of three garages: BW=Babcock-William, CS=Cold Springs and Fr=Frontier

List of bus routes in Nassau County, New York

The following bus routes are operated in Nassau County, New York. Most of these routes are operated under Nassau Inter-County Express, formerly MTA Long Island Bus, except in Greater Long Beach, where that city operates its own bus service throug ...

List of bus routes in Suffolk County, New York

Suffolk County Transit operates a number of bus routes in Suffolk County, New York, United States; a few in the town of Huntington are operated by Huntington Area Rapid Transit. The Villages of Patchogue and Port Jefferson, also have had their ow ...

List of bus routes in Westchester County

The Bee-Line Bus System, the bus system for Westchester County, operates a network of bus routes throughout Westchester County, serving destinations throughout much of the county and parts of The Bronx in New York City. Even though not used offic ...

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