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List of Sciapus species

The following additional species are listed for the genus by online databases: Sciapus ukrainensis Pollet, 2003 g Unrecognised species: Sciapus illiciens Walker, 1856 c g Sciapus leiopus Doleschall, 1856 c g Sciapus viridicollis Frey, 1917 c g Sc ...

List of Smicronyx species

Smicronyx pusillus Dietz, 1894 Smicronyx flavicans LeConte, 1876 Smicronyx centralis Dietz, 1894 Smicronyx congestus Casey, 1892 Smicronyx posticus Dietz, 1894 Smicronyx sordidus LeConte, 1876 gray sunflower seed weevil Smicronyx languidulus Diet ...

List of Sphingidae species

This is a species list for the family Sphingidae of moths, commonly known as hawk-moths. This list contains all known species of Sphingidae in order of subfamily. There should be about 1.288 species listed. There are three subfamilies: Subfamily ...

List of Thrypticus species

Unrecognised species: Thrypticus sublamellatus Macquart, 1827 c g Thrypticus fulgidus Fallen, 1823 c g Thrypticus obscuratus Meigen, 1824 c g Thrypticus maculipes Meigen, 1824 c g Thrypticus cylindricum Zetterstedt, 1838 c g Thrypticus inconspicu ...

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